A Post-Apocalyptic Urban Escape ARMORTRUCK for the future

This is an Independent mega SUV that can be driven on any terrain, no oxygen conditions or in dangerous environments.

Forget the Cybertruck, this is the one to buy after the coronavirus fiasco is over. We have already seen how things can tip over and we can be left alone to fend for ourselves. It is not such a farfetched reality that we would be needing one these amazing vehicles to commute in the near future. Built to take on every terrain, low oxygen environments and heavy incoming fires this prototype has been rendered by one of the most promising 3D artists Milen Ivanov living in  Sofia, Bulgaria.

ARMORTRUCK design concept

Although nothing has been explained about the specification, engine type or features. But, it already looks like a finalized product. The rendering is fabulous and the design is ultra-modern. It has captured the imagination of the onlookers and has caused a stir within the internet communities that love futuristic vehicles. 

This idea for armored truck SUV is a fusion of a Rezvani Tank and a Lamborghini Urus. Upon deployment, the military could use this huge vehicle on combat battlefields. It is a blend of sleek architecture and brute force capability, for the ultimate safety of precious objects being transported. The truck also seems to borrow design cues from the truck called warthog used in Halo a popular military science fiction media franchise. 

Will this design eventually please the industry is yet to be seen, but a company looking to build the ultimate urban assault vehicle for the military or armored truck enthusiasts has a great blueprint ready. Turning pixel into reality is not a new phenomenon. But amidst the financial crisis will an auto manufacturer brave the decision to build a prototype is a thing of the future. 

What do you think? Do we need a vehicle like this? 

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