Top 10 COVID-19 resources that are really insightful

Information regarding the COVID-19 can be beneficial in mitigating it altogether, keep track of the progress with these benefecial tools.

As the world is slowly being gripped by the initially misunderstood Coronavirus we feel a proper understanding of the whole Pandemic can help you fight the disease better. The resources we have listed can guide you through these tough times and plan your next moves. It is impossible to keep track of all the happenings, some of these real-time dashboards may assist you.

Some of the resources will let you know about the impacts of the Pandemic on a global scale and graphical representation of the forecasts will be helpful to understand the progress of this epidemic.

What actually happens when it infects a human and what should we all do?

The Chinese authorities told the world in December 2019 that a virus was spreading through their populations. This spread to other countries in the following months and cases are doubled in days. This virus called simply Coronavirus caused disease by the name “Severe acute coronavirus-related respiratory syndrome 2” (COVID19), which is caused by Coronavirus.

Know the history of Pandemics

The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic on the 11th of March 2020 the sixth pandemic declared in about a century.

We know that it is a very difficult task to research about all the Pandemics in history, it is made easy by history of pandemics – a visual presentation of all the outbreaks right from Black death to the latest COVID-19. As this resource is being updated every day, you can easily compare how big this pandemic really is?

Decoding Covid-19 – Seven human coronaviruses in seven graphics

This data provided by SCMP helps you understand how the brand new Covid-19 is related to previous outbreaks like SARS, MERS, and even the common cold.

Coronavirus Outbreak Explained

The outbreak of Covid-19 led China to lock up most of the region, but the virus spread rapidly across the globe. Many foreign national travelers present in China at the time of the outbreak spread it across the globe. See how everything started.

How can we flatten the curve?

This resource is a very interesting one and lets you know how social distancing can limit the outbreak and stabilize the situation. We need this kind of resource to make people understand the importance of staying at home and practicing distancing. A great resource by Washington Post.

Real-time COVID-19 tracker

Bookmark this real-time tracker today to be updated with the spread of the virus and the extend.

Johns Hopkins University updates this tool every day, with the latest COVID-19 cases, deaths, recovery, and more — all of which are listed by state and nation and/or province. As it updates in real-time, you can rest assured that you are well updated all the time.

Coronavirus 10-day Forecast

If you are looking for a resource that tells what’s in store for your country in the next 10 days, then this resource by Spatial Ecology and Evolution Lab, called the  Shiny app is just right for you.

COVID-19 Monitoring tool

This Shiny app is an interactive map for global infection monitoring, created by Dr. Thibaut Fabacher in collaboration with the Strasbourg Hospital Department of Public Health and the Faculty of Biostatistics and Medicine of the Strasbourg Faculty of Medicine. This focuses on the evolution of incidence and prevalence of the number of cases per country over a given period.

Modeling COVID-19 Spread vs Healthcare Capacity

This Shiny app, developed by Dr. Alison Hill, uses an epidemiological model using the classic SEIR model to explain COVID-19’s spread and clinical progression. This contains various clinical trajectories of infection, transmission mitigation measures, and safety capability comparisons.

COVID-19 Resource Centre

The Lancet has developed a Coronavirus Resource Centre to help health workers and researchers working in challenging conditions for the end of this outbreak. This platform puts together new 2019 contents from all articles published by The Lancet (COVID-19). You are free to access all COVID-19 content.

COVID-19 Stats and Research in Graphic form

The above representation is one of many on Our World in Data, a fantastically popular project led by economist Max Roser.

Their research page on coronaviruses provides loads of data, quotes, and information to those interested in expanding their knowledge. It’s really regularly updated, too.

Misinformation often leads to panic and chaos. If you can sieve out meaningful information it will be beneficial for you and the society as a whole. Don’t forget to share these invaluable resources with your family, friends, colleagues and in general on social media. If you are looking for a simple to read tracker you can click here.

If you have a great resource that I am missing do let us know in the comment section!

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