Ways to handle work from home better

The idea is to be positive and continue working so that the effects of the pandemic are much less profound.

The coronavirus pandemic has made work from home inevitable. However, work from home has to be taken seriously. If not handled properly it can lead to unfavorable results, and we certainly do not want it during this time.

While we work from home, you should be aware of any downside. First being, there are no fixed working hours. The second drawback is that you have to create a work environment at home. It can be a challenge if you have small kids or too many people at home. Let us face it, not everyone is accustomed to working from home or the nature of his or her work does not allow working remotely.

However, the thing is that we cannot stop working. We have to accept this challenge and make the best of it.

Here are some ways to make your work from home experience better:

Dedicate a room for work
The key to performing while working from home is to have a dedicated room as a workplace. This space should be calm and away from distractions that we generally experience at home. Refrain using your couch or bed for work, unless you cannot create a dedicated work environment at home. Choose comfortable furniture that will enable you to keep working for long hours if required. Keep your laptop, phone, chargers, dairy, and stationery handy. You do not want to go looking for the essentials when these are required.

Routine is still necessary
Get ready for work in the morning as if you usually would, when going to your workplace. Get dressed but try to wear something comfortable. However, certainly do not wear your pajamas. Always be accessible and work during your regular working hours. To break the mundane routine you should take a lunch break, stretch, and stroll around a bit in the house. Always try to take short breaks but do not resort to short naps or watching a web series. The work tempo can go downhill and you might be behind work at the end of the day.

You cannot Over-communicate
You are not going to meet your teammates face to face. Thus, it is imperative you call and communicate with them regularly. Understand that communication is the key to success in a remote working setup.
This is the best time to sharpen your communication skills and make yourself more approachable. Try to resolve issues and certainly be a good listener.

Enjoy nonetheless
Work from home is not everyone’s cup of tea. Now that the odds are against us, you might as well enjoy it. Use the extra time to treat yourself. You can make time for things that you wanted to do for a long time but could not because of hectic work schedules. Perhaps learn a new skill or take up a long-lost hobby. The idea is to be positive and continue working so that the effects of the pandemic are much less profound.

Do share some of your tips to maximize your productivity while working from home.

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