India Goes into 21 day Lockdown mode to stop Coronavirus Menace

Today, in a recent announcement Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the world’s largest Democracy that is India will go into lockdown to combat Coronavirus menace. He repeatedly urged countrymen to observe 21-day curfew. He in his speech was convinced that the only thing that can save the vast country is by locking it down for at least for a period of 21 days. Citing countries that went into lockdown early have managed to control the infections to a point that their healthcare system was not overwhelmed, He said this is the only way right now to combat the pandemic.

He also said that “All the necessary healthcare systems will be in place and people do not have to panic one bit”. He added that people should take the lockdown seriously as people like doctors, nurses, janitors, etc are working tirelessly to combat this menace. He said, ” That he knows that it is a difficult task to self-isolate but there seems no way out other than implementing a lockdown to tackle this pandemic”.

It is clear that India has declared war against the infection and will give no quarter to further set its foot in the vast country with a population that does not fear death.

Do you think a nationwide lockdown is a good strategy or is there anything else that can be done to tackle the issue?


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