Working remotely might help navigate through Coronavirus Pandemic

No early starts, you don’t have to commute, set goals and crush them, maybe working remotely isn’t that bad after all. What do you think?

As the Coronavirus outbreak has gripped the world even basic outdoor activities are proving difficult. It’s not that somebody is stopping you from going out but there is an air of anxiety. Businesses around the world are taking steps to control the outbreak by allowing working remotely. But with so many issues with working from home, is it possible to sustain some kind of productivity and continuity for businesses?

The real-world scenario

Today, cities like New York, Shanghai & Moscow that were buzzing with people a few days’ backs are deserted amidst the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. People are being asked to work from home in the hope to contain the pandemic. It is a good move but there has been a sharp fall in the share market and the world economy is suffering. There is a sense of panic amongst people and they certainly do not know what is the future of this pandemic?

Companies won’t stop to exist. The only possible way out is to allow employees to work from home. Although people tend to be less productive as the day’s progress, but do we have a choice? Can we risk community infections?

Problems with working from home

For those who are not accustomed to working from home, it can be a daunting task. In various behavioral experiments, it’s been noticed that people tend to wander off into unproductive activities during remote working. They tend to mix leisure and work. After some time, isolation also sets in making it difficult to concentrate on one’s work. But during this pandemic, children are home too, as their schools are shut. They have little concern for your privacy and tend to walk in unannounced when you are into something very important. These times are really difficult. But do we have any choice?

Work from home can be the new normal

Working remotly can be productive

Many start-ups cannot afford an office or do not require one. They have small teams and are lean enough to work from home. Over the year’s small companies like these have sprung and shown that if you are working with technology it is possible to work from home and be productive as well. At times it becomes difficult, but it is manageable. Although, there are some basic rules that you should follow to be more productive. First of all, it is a good idea to wake up early and be ready as usual. As you don’t have to commute it is a good idea to start your work on the workstation as early as possible. Always be in communication with your team members and superiors. Let them know what are you doing and if you need something. Take small breaks. You can do some productive things around the house that require your attention. Give yourself achievable tasks and reward yourself on completion. These alterations in your daily routines can boost productivity.

The way forward

As the governments and private players are about to lockdown severely affected areas, it will be difficult to keep the economy abreast, but working remotely can be a good option. You don’t have to commute, you can be flexible, spend more time with family and more importantly take time out for yourself. It may sound overly optimistic; I know that it will be really difficult for some people. But as the pandemic grips the whole world and rampages across new regions, we might not get out at all and the only way to work will be to work remotely.

If you think otherwise or have some other solution, do let us know!