Watch the Amazing Flying Rays in Action

These Mobula rays leap from the water and stay airborne for a significant period of time. It is an amazing sight, first covered by BBC in one of its programs. Scientists even today can’t tell why they do it, as these rays sometimes exhibit skittish behavior even when observed from a distance.

Some researchers believe it is a way to attract a mate, but some others say they do it for communication, for hunting fish, ridding themselves from parasites and maybe just for fun.

This phenomenon was first filmed in the Gulf of California, Mexico, as part of a new BBC / Discovery coproduction television series where hundreds of these rays gather and this can continue up to 24 hours.

Scientists also believe that they are vulnerable to hunting during this time as they gather in such large numbers. Anyhow, this simply is something astonishing. These rays can leap up to 6 feet high but the landing is an issue. As they land on their bellies they make a loud bang. Maybe they really want to do it, so that they can attract a mate.

If you have come across a similar phenomenon, you can share the info with us. Tell us about it in the comment section!

Source: BBC One

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